~Kayla Gold, noted songwriter and now childrens author has worked with kids and teens for 20 years as a singing coach, performance coach, theater teacher and mentor. She is committed to the full, positive self-expression of kids in every aspect of their life and to fostering their emotional well-being, artistic abilities and intellectual achievement. An avid nature and animal lover, and student of human potential, Kayla is passionate about contributing to the betterment of the world through creative thinking and collaboration while maintaining a sense of fun and wonderment.

 ~Joy Evans, creator, has worked with kids and kids theater for decades and is passionate about the well-being of our youth. Blessed with a voracious curiosity and keen intelligence, she has become accomplished in a variety of pursuits including computer graphics, videography, layout, book design, photography, building, sailing, fishing, mechanics. Her motto is, to find out how to accomplish something and continue working until you do and this is an underlying motto of the Earth-Gaurds books. All this with a gentleness of spirit and a perpetual celebration of living

~Catie Vercammen-Grandjean, artist, her blazing artistic talents were apparent at a young age. She graduated with high honors from Expression College and is committed to attaining the highest vision with her illustrations. Working first with pencil sketches until the character’s eyes shine with the kind of life she envisions, she then imports her work into Photoshop to add the finishing touches. Catie came on board with the Earth-Guards book series because she was inspired by the idea of empowering young people to create a beautiful and clean world.

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